Another frame from the latest roll of medium format film.
Took this one when we had a look at the 1st of May parade here in town.

I´m really into taking pictures with the Lubitel right now. We clicked.
Before i was using Kodak Portra 160VC in it i tried the b/w TMax 400.
I think it´s a quite okay film it´s just not really me. I don´t really like it.
I´ve been taking pictures with it lately as well but i´m not really convinced.
Maybe i´ll show you some of these here later on anyway.

Lubitel 166+ + Kodak Portra 160VC

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  1. Medium format is fun, isn’t it? Very nice picture :). If don’t like TMax 400 (not my favourite either), you might want to try Tri-X 400 – or other classical b/w films.

    1. Yes, it is a whole different feeling taking pictures in medium format. Thanks for the tip! I haven´t made up my mind yet which b/w film i´m going to try next. As already said the Tmax 400 is an quite okay film and i think it represents a lot of qualities many appreciate (large greyscale, fine grain etc). I´m looking for something less neat and more “raw”. Maybe something from the Ilford Delta series could be something?

      1. The Delta 100 and 400 won’t be any more raw than TMax 400. All those films are modern emulsions with very fine grain. Delta 3200, while being a modern film, is grainier, especially if rated ISO 1600 or more (from what I know, you can rate it from 800 to 12500). But if you’re looking for films within the 100-400 ISO range, I would recommend Kodak Tri-x (can be rated from 200 to 800 ISO without problem), Ilford FP4+ and HP5+ (can be pushed as well). Or more “exotic” films from Adox and Efke. Of course, the way you develop your films (developer used, temperature etc.) will have an influence on the result (more or less grain, contrast etc.). I you have your own darkroom (or access to one), you can experiment with one type of film and different developers. If you don’t but want to rate your films at another speed than the one printed on the box, don’t forget to tell your lab what you’ve done (I would always do it with Delta 3200, that’s safer). Right now, I’m (re)discovering analogue b/w photography and darkroom techniques as well ;). I’ve found flickr to be a nice place to find examples of what results different films and film/developer-combinations give.

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