3 x 35mm / pt2.

Three more miserable, dusty and scratched 35mm scans which i liked quite a lot anyway. Shooting with 35mm film in the Lubitel was great. Next time i might use slide film. That´s probably easier to digitalize. At least that´s what i imagine it to be.

Lubitel 166+ + Kodak ColorPlus 200

4 thoughts on “3 x 35mm / pt2.

  1. I really really love these shots, saw the thumbnail on vfxy. Beautiful series, reminds me of a local lake here in California,

  2. Very nice! Apart from the subject, I like the combination of the snippets and their ‘rough’ look. If I may be curious: Where did you take these photos? Cheers. Tobias

    1. Thank you :)) I´ve taken these on the swedish west coast in Lysekil. It´s one of my favourite places out there because it is a very rough and surreal landscape. When you disappear into it and there is nothing left than red rocks and the blue sky above you feel like you´re on another planet. It´s great! Whenever you might visit these parts of Scandinavia you should explore the west coast and it´s archipelago over here.

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