After the rain.

Driving around between the hills of Österlen.

I felt bored and googled “Kodak ColorPlus 200“. There are quite a lot of people out there that seem to hate this film. So much resistance and opposition. I don´t really understand why? But that might be just me. This is the 35mm film that i use the most (guess you figured that out, didn´t you?). My fridge is crammed with it. Mainly for practical reasons. You still can buy it in ordinary supermarkets and it´s really cheap. Okay, it´s definitly not Kodak Portra, but hey, did i mention it´s cheap? And i like it. Yes, i admit, it´s grainy and the colors are everything else but natural. But i was never looking for that when i switched to analogue anyway. So what´s the grumble about? I like what it does to my pictures: They often turn out to be rather equal to the feeling of the picture as i´ve seen it in my in my head than reality. Which might be quite twisted but i can live with that. I like what´s happening in my head. Most of the time. Conclusion: Dear Kodak ColorPlus 200, i don´t care what all the others say. I really fancy you. I do.

Pentax KX + Kodak ColorPlus 200