Sculptures, sheep and drums.

Here are some frames from our annual visit to Pilane in late August this year. I haven´t had the film in my Pentax developed until now. We were quite lucky to watch a brasilian-african-inspired drum and dance performance moving through the exhibition landscape which was really really cool. Looking forward to Pilane 2012 already now. […]


Two more lo-fi underwater frames from the Fujifilm Quicksnap Marine i have been using this summer. These ones are taken at the west coast. Oh, i miss it! The latest addition to my camera collection is a Banier that i´ve found on a flea market on my way back home from work the other day. […]

I guess every now and then it takes a little rain to make somebody with an umbrella come along.

Oh boy, what a week i have had! These have been worthwhile days. Sometimes bad things happen and make you experience kindness, warmth and gratefulness. I will try to put my thoughts into words: I am really thankful to have all these great, nice people around me. I´m thankful to receive kindness even from the […]