Week 15/52.

It is her eight birthday next week. Eight years. Still so tiny. Already so grown up. She leaves an imprint everywhere she goes. This house is her place. She is not visiting. She owns it. It is obvious in every corner. Sony Xperia + VSCO cam

Week 7/52.

Some thoughts about running. This is one of the reasons why I keep holding on to it. It makes me come out in the woods every second day. To be totally honest I used to hate running. I have tried several times during various periods my life but never managed to build up wether strength […]


Color explosions in the sky just about to dissolve and fade away into darkness. This town looks so incredibly good splashed all over in color. The trees are self-luminous. Even though the sun wasn´t shining this morning everything is bright anyway. Soon it will all be gone. Nikon D50