6 thoughts on “Jarlehus.

  1. lovely captured, love the grain. any post processing on these ones? I´m looking forward to starting an analogue experiment in summer, somehow I managed to get a hold on a hasselblad. Can´t wait to try …

    1. Oh thank you! No, when shooting film i rarely do any post processing. The medium film has to speak for itself. It kind of becomes the soul of the picture (compared to taking pictures digital). I believe it´s part of shooting analogue to keep the pictures as they turned out to be in the first place. Including all the imperfection and flaws. That´s what makes them attractive and sympathetic.
      Have fun with the Hasselblad (jealousy creeps up on me…)!

      1. when turning analogue film into digital information there is always a certain amount of post processing involved, right? do you actually develop the film yourself? have you ever tried doing prints from your negatives? all this is totaly new to me, but I’m really looking forward to explore. After all: digital perfect get’s boring after a while…

        love your vaseline shots by the way! always wanted to do that myself one day 🙂

        1. Yes maybe you´re right regarding the post processing. Depends on where to draw the line in interpretation here (Where does post processing start? Where does it end?). I´m not really sure where I stand. But I don´t invest much time in post processing. My lab scans the negatives for me and i download them from their online server after processing. I don´t apply any changes to them except certain minor things (e g correct oblique horizon lines).
          I´ve done some film development on my own years ago. I usually send my rolls away for processing to a lab in Stockholm. That´s a quite easy and fast solution (not the cheapest there is though).
          When I switched (back) to analogue it felt quite scary in the beginning to let go. To leave the comfort zone to have a display to look at what you´re actually doing. I was insecure. Without the safety net of a light meter in the camera. Going completly manual. But if you´ve been shooting in manual mode with your digital camera you should have a quite good feeling for what will work and what not. Otherwise I usually have the sunny 16 rule in the back of my hand. This one works. I promise. You´ll become more confident quite soon. It isn´t that hard as it might seem. Not at all.

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