Misty morning.

This sunday morning was one of the highlights this summer. I got up quite early around 7.30am which is really early for me considering it was a sunday. Me and my mother-in-law went down to the beach to take a morning bath. The fog was thick and the sea lay before us entirely blank and smooth. Not only the weather itself was amazing. (There´s something special about fog and photographers, isn´t it?) As soon as we came down to the water we´ve realised that we were not alone. A seal appeared just a few metres in front of us in the water eating some mackerel breakfast. It didn´t feel disturbed by our presence at all and kept us company for quite a long time. We kept watching it for a while without saying a word, listening to the silence and our seal friend´s breathing. That made me really happy.

Zenit 12XP + Kodak ColorPlus 200