Mute memories.


It takes me eternities to finish a roll of film these days. Here is the proof. Little Miss Sophia is keeping me busy. I´m not very good in reading blogs right now either. I have some catching up to do but then i´ve just realised that google reader was shut down a few days ago. Oh boy! What do i do now? Any RSS reader suggestions anyone?

Zenit 12XP + Kodak ColorPlus 200

3 thoughts on “Mute memories.

  1. Don’t feel bad about being’s lazy on this. Are these not one of the reasons why we choose analog photography? It can slow down the todays pace in a positive way. You captured a nice snowy/sunny mood in your photos. I like the one with the bridge the most.
    As for rss readers, i can recommend you that resembles the look and feel from the google reader or feedly that has a more modern magazine like touch to it.

    Enjoy your time with little Sophie 🙂

    1. Yes, indeed! You´re right about analog photography. I love the astonishment when you get a roll of film back from processing. Especially when you don´t even remember what you have been capturing.

      Thanks for the rss reader tips. I´ll have to try them out.

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