Oysters, pink skies and broken cameras.

We´ve found an oyster under the bathing platform. Never seen this before. As far as i remember i have read somewhere some time ago that they need high salinity and clean water to survive. So this is a good sign regarding the water quality out here, isn´t it?
Although summer is (temperaturewise) conspicuous by it´s absence we´ve seen some amazing sunsets. Orange and pink and whatever in between.
Have i ever told you how much i love my Pentax KX? It´s sturdy and it just goes on and on like a tank. Never failed me although it´s much older than i am. However, it´s obviously not indestructible: I dropped it on asphalt the other day. Stupid stupid me! It made my heart sink like a stone in my chest. The body, lens, shutter times and aperture look alright apart from a few minor scratches on the body but the light meter doesn´t work anymore. This makes me really sad. I continue doing some troubleshooting and keep on hoping i´ll get it going again. Keep your fingers crossed.

Pentax KX + Kodak ColorPlus 200

3 thoughts on “Oysters, pink skies and broken cameras.

  1. Uh oh – dropped my nikon once, really gave me a shock. But luckily she is still doing the job 🙂

  2. Yes, the oyster being there is a very good sign, hope you get more! Re your camera, good luck; I know what it’s like to lose a good old friend. I really like the bottom pic, tho; that sky and water are wonderful.

  3. I still haven´t make it work again 🙁 Ok, it´s not like that i can´t wield it at all: However, it is quite annoying if there is a light meter in the camera and you can´t use it. I developed a rather good intuition for the light during the past few years that i have been shooting analogue on the other hand. So, guess this is not the end of the world…

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