So this is another year…

… and it is starting with a major facelift for 18mm! I´ve invested some time during the holidays and sacrificed my eight hours´sleep to make some design changes over here. Tried to strip it down to the essentials and make it cleaner. I´ve made the switch from pixelpost to wordpress which feels like it gives me a much wider playground.
However, I´m trying to include a bunch of my pictures from my pixelpost era here as well. You´ll find them under Portfolio (sounds ambitious, ain´t it?). I´m not finished over there yet. I´ll have to add each single one of them manually (or maybe I´m just too stupid to find out if there´s an import/export option from pixelpost to wordpress. hmm. let me know if you know).
Anyway! Happy new year everybody! See you around!