Stiff fingers.

I probably never get used to the darkness of swedish winter. Too much time locked inside. One good thing: Time for things you usually do too unfrequently . I dusted off my guitar. It´s been a long time ago. My fingers are stiff. I´ve never been good at it actually. I might succeed to make an impression on a bunch of intoxicated people sitting around a bonfire on a warm summer night.

Pentax KX + Kodak TMax P3200

5 thoughts on “Stiff fingers.

    1. It´s the Kodak TMax P3200 i´ve used here. Kind of an all-time-favourite. You can use it at multiple speed and i´m quite into the grain. But i guess that´s rather a matter of taste.

      1. I’ve had a bad experience with the Ilford Delta 3200 and, after that, i’ve never tried any film over 400 but after watching this… wow… I’ll do a second try. I really love this one.

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